London has a long history of shaping the world’s business and education. The Chicago Booth of London campus is now offering a degree in EMBA with quality education.

Many of the experienced business people from all over the world are enrolling in the Chicago campus to pursue their degree of EMBA. As for that, approximately 78% of students in the UK have enrolled in the Booth London Business school campus alone.

The people of the industrial side are also approaching Booth. EMBA program is an advanced version of the MBA and the award-winning faculty of Chicago is offering this degree to its valuable students around the globe. Chicago offers 21 months’ degree program of EMBA and allows you to sharpen your entrepreneur and analytical skills at Booth with confidence under its learning environment.

As compared to other countries, Chicago offers the top business EMBA differently. It allows students to explore the field according to their heart content and focused on its practical application rather than content. This prestigious business school has produced many business tycoons in the contemporary world. Moreover, it facilitates its student to choose whatever campus they want according to their comfortability as they will get the same kind of quality education on all the campuses. However, the registration process will be only done in primary campuses which are London, Chicago, and Hong Kong.

With other benefits, Booth also facilitates its students to come and visit their campus and achieve the satisfaction of their hearts by ensuring each and every aspect through the insight of the campus. You can meet the alumni and administration of Booth at their campus in the city of London and get the required information along with your inquiry about the whole admission thing, criteria, and curriculum of the program. You can also enquire about the scholarship program and financial aid. All you have to do is to go on the Chicago Booth website and there is this visit form which you have to fill with all your basic information and contact details. Afterward, you have to request to visit your desired campus. After approval of the request, you can go and visit the campus. There is all the required information about EMBA on the Chicago Booth website about the duration, fee structure, module, and curriculum of the program. However, they have stopped the admission process for the time being because of the COVID19 epidemic situation in the country but, they will begin the enrolling protocol soon.

This US EMBA will facilitate its students in every possible way and students can complete their program in 21 months with ease while gaining many business-related skills from top niche scholars and experts. It allows students to strengthen their networking and experience while studying in the program.
Chicago Booth is located in London which offers a high opportunity for students to build and formulate social networking from every possible source along with gaining the required managerial skills and acts.