GMAT Private Classes

Applicants can choose a One-on-One private tutoring class during which the tutor gets to focus solely on you and your pace of learning. We offer an individual study plan, flexible schedule, personal attention, and a large number of practice tests. Get prepared at an affordable price! (Price per hour)

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What is included
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Private tutoring
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How it works?

Once you have purchased our GMAT Private Classes, you will be called by one of our account managers who will:

1) Give you the study material

2) Introduce you to the teacher

3) Send you the planning

4) Answer all the questions you may have

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  • Sun, 27-Jun-2021
    Samy R.
    Best decision I ever made. My private tutor was always available to help me reach my goals
  • Sun, 27-Jun-2021
    Arnaud Y.
    When I had lost faith in myself, my tutor was there to pick me up so that I could realize my dream of going to Berkeley
  • Sun, 27-Jun-2021
    Alice P.
    I had several obstacles to overcome: English isn’t my native tongue, limited experience with US standardized tests, and an anxious personality. My private tutor designed a program to fill in my academic gaps, boost my confidence and teach me stress management
  • Sun, 27-Jun-2021
    Sedy B.
    I really needed a private tutor to guide me from A to Z. His methodical approach allowed me to master concepts slowly but steadily. At first, no time constraint was imposed. He said, “just get familiar with the test and later we’re work on improving speed.” My first mock test result was terrible. As the exam date approached, my confidence and skills had increased, and I scored 700. I got into the ESSEC Luxury Brand Management program which is the top MBA for the luxury market
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