GRE Private Classes

Applicants can choose a One-on-One private tutoring class during which the tutor gets to focus solely on you and your pace of learning. We offer an individual study plan, flexible schedule, personal attention, and a large number of practice tests. Get prepared at an affordable price! (Price per hour)

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Private tutoring
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How it works?

Once you have purchased our GRE Private Classes, you will be called by one of our account managers who will:

1) Give you the study material

2) Introduce you to the teacher

3) Send you the planning

4) Answer all the questions you may have

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  • Mon, 13-Sep-2021
    Kevin A.
    Having grown up near the Italian Alps, I’ve been a nature lover my entire life. I majored in geology as an undergrad and wanted to get a PhD at MIT to study climate change. The analytical writing section of the GRE was my weak point since English isn’t my mother tongue. Thanks to my private tutor, I improved my writing skills and scored 166 on the GRE.
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