Marieke, MFA, London Business School, Nov 2015, Student of the Month

Meet Marieke, a 23-year-old MBA Center alumnus who will be starting her master's in financial analysis at the London Business School in September 2016. Marieke is from Wevelgem in Eastern Flanders, Belgium. She speaks Dutch, English, French, and German. Marieke completed her undergraduate in business administration and master's in strategic management from Ghent University, Belgium. Currently, she is completing her internship at the corporate finance division of ING. After working for a short period, Marieke realized she wanted to change her career to investment banking. She started to apply for a master's in finance and worked under the guidance of Dr Hubert on her application, ending up getting accepted to LBS, which is a perfect fit for people who want to make a career in finance. The MBA Center had a quick chat with Marieke to hear more about her success story and, in doing so, inspire others wanting to attain her accomplishments. Let's see what Marieke had to say below.

Marieke, a 23-year-old MBA center alumnus, will be starting her Masters in Financial Analysis at London Business School in September 2016. Marieke is from Wevelgem in Eastern Flanders, Belgium. She completed her Undergraduate in Business Administration and Masters in Strategic Management from Ghent University, Belgium. Currently she is completing her internship at the Corporate Finance division of ING.

MBA Center had a quick chat with Marieke so that she could tell us more about her success story and, in doing so, inspire others aspiring to attain her accomplishments. Lets hear what Marieke had to say :)

Why did you choose London Business School?

Because I aspire to work as an investment banker, I longed to study in a school that has a strong network in the financial world; London Business School is located in the center of London and has connections with the companies I seek to work for in the future. I knew it would help me form the network I need for future professional success.

LBS is a practitioner school; the subjects taught in class are taught by professionals in the field and explained via business cases. Thus, it does not only help students increase their theoretical knowledge but also helps in the execution of that knowledge.

Also, I visited LBS last year and felt an instinctive association to it. I knew this was the place I wanted to acquire my second Masters from.

How did MBA Center help?

MBA Center helped me prepare for the GMAT exam; their assistance was very helpful because they also trained me in how the questions were asked and the tips and tricks to tackle these questions.

Apart from assistance in the GMAT preparation, MBA Center also facilitated me with the application process and prepared me for the interview. This turned out to be very helpful because I wanted my application to stand out in the pool of applications reaching London Business School each year, and they help me do just that.

The articulation of the admission essays is extremely important and the counsellor at MBA, Dr Hubert Silly, helped me convert my story and thoughts into a well-written essay.


How satisfied are you with the academic counseling you received at the MBA center? Why?

I am very happy with my decision to get counseling from the MBA Center.The entire application process is extremely hard; under such stressful circumstances, the MBA Center guides you through every step and tells you what to look out for. I don't think I would have gotten into LBS if it weren’t for their counselling.


Could you please tell the readers what your three tips will be for those applying to business school?

My first tip would be, for all applicants to start well in advance because unexpected delays in the application process are inevitable; trust me, you do not want to run out of time in the end. Thus, start well in advance.

My second tip is that do not be afraid to get counseling. The process is very hard and tedious; having someone to guide you through that period really helps.

My final tip would be that aim high and do not be afraid of rejection; if you are motivated enough you can get anywhere you wish to be.