Alberto, MIM, London Business School, Oct 2015, Student of the Month

Meet Alberto Velasco, a football fanatic and one of the bright young students at the MBA Center (and student of the month for October 2015). He got accepted to the London Business School for a master's in management program. He hails from Spain and speaks Italian, English, French, and Spanish. His skills are network marketing, economics, public speaking, business, decision making, and psychology, and he was awarded a swimming scholarship from USA Olympic Association. Alberto did a bachelor of business administration (BBA) from Maastricht University and had a bachelor's degree exchange semester from the Singapore Management University. After his bachelor's, he started his career as a managing director. Even though his career has been working well, Alberto realized he needed more experience in management and consulting and decided to get a master's degree in management. He contacted Dr Hubert, who guided him through the application and GMAT preparation and got accepted to the London Business School. Let us find out more about his journey so far!

Alberto, a 21-year-old MBA Center alumnus, will be starting his Masters in London Business School in September 2016. Alberto is from Spain. He completed his Bachelors in Economics and Business Economics from Maastricht University, Netherlands. After completing his Undergraduate education, Alberto decided to pursue an internship in Investment Banking at BBVA in London.

MBA Center had a quick chat with Alberto so that he could tell us more about his success story and, in doing so, inspire others aspiring to attain his accomplishments. Lets hear what Alberto had to say!

Why did you choose the London Business School?

When looking for a business school, I was searching for an institute that offers more than just a classroom. LBS not only provides the highest quality education, but also postulates the atmosphere that facilitates the learning of life skills and lessons that help individuals, both professionally and personally. It is this decree of association at LBS that sealed the decision for me.

How did MBA Center help?

MBA Center helped me through my entire application process. I got assistance for GMAT preparation, tips for application submission and guidelines for interview preparation. My coach clearly knew what the schools were looking for and helped me tailor my personal story to the particular programs I was applying to. I owe a big part of my success to the MBA Center.

How satisfied are you with the academic counseling you received at the MBA Center? Why?

I am extremely satisfied with the academic counseling offered by the MBA Center. The coaches at the MBA Center made what seemed very improbable to my eyes at first, a reality in the end. I was guided from the beginning and given the confidence that this could work for me as long as I followed the guidelines and benefitted from the advice and training at my service.


How satisfied are you with the degree you are currently pursuing or have already attained? Why?

I am satisfied with my bachelor degree; however, I believe my Masters at LBS next year will give me that push I need, from a skill and network perspective. My Bachelor education only lasted 3 years; this is a part of the reason a 1 year Masters Programme will complement my education.


Could you please tell the readers what your three tips will be for those applying to business school?

Most importantly, find someone to coach you. However that someone cannot be just anyone. Find someone who is good and has a good track record. Most students underestimate the importance of good essays and interview preparation. Schools receive thousands of applications a year. A well-formulated application distinguishes itself from the hastily put together ones; it is obviously worth the effort so work hard on your application and seek reliable guidance.

Secondly, don’t be scared to apply to highly ranked schools simply because you don’t have a GPA of 4.0. You would be surprised at what a coherently articulated story with good essays, and a convincing interview can lead to.

Finally, prepare for your GMAT early and apply at the earliest to increase your chances. This obviously does not guarantee a spot in your dream school; however, it is your job to give yourself the best possible shot. Applying last minute won’t help. We have all heard it… The early bird catches the worm… don’t hesitate, because if you do, you will lose…