In January 2020, the government of the United Kingdom took the decision to withdraw from the European Union. Being part of the European Union can be a great advantage, especially for students that have the possibility to study abroad in the European Union without the need of a visa and with special prices. However, with the Brexit, come big changes for those students, particularly regarding the student loans and tuition fees. 

Tuition fees post Brexit

After the Brexit, the English government decided that European Union as well as Swiss students will lose their home fees status from autumn 2021 onwards. In fact, students from these areas will no longer be eligible for postgraduate, undergraduate and advanced learner financial support, as well as home fee status starting the academic year of 2021/2022. Moreover, this reform will apply for funding for apprenticeships and further education funding as well. As such, their will an increase in the price of the tuitions fees for students coming from Switzerland and the European Union. The benefits that was previously displayed will not exist anymore, these privileges will only be reserved for British students. So far, no decisions of lowering the tuitions fees have been decided by the British universities. Now, every student from European countries will be treated as International students regarding the tuition fees. In terms of money, those students will probably pay twice as much for their tuition fees. This new rule concerning the tuition fees will be in effect on the 1st of August 2021. However, a consequent number of British universities decided to put scholarships and funding especially made for European Union and Swiss students. It is important to note that this new decree will not affect the European Union and Swiss students that are already studying their post-graduate program in Great Britain. As for EU students that were planning on having their Erasmus program in the UK, they will need to find other ways to accomplish that. They will have to register for a student visa or settled status to do so. However, exchange trips are still an option between the UK and the countries from EU. 

  • Loans post-Brexit 

It will no longer be possible for students from Switzerland and the European Union to be eligible for student loans in the UK starting August 2021. As for the tuition fees, the students already having these loans will be able to keep them until the end of their studies, but that will be the only exception. As such, the year 2020 is the last time a student from Switzerland or the European Union will be able to apply to a student loan in the UK. However, there might be other options suitable for these students in order to get a discount on the cost of their studies. Depending on his/her financial and familial situation, a student from the European Union or Switzerland might be able to apply for a scholarship. People from Kosovo might apply for the Young Cell Scheme program whereas students from Turkey will be able to apply for the GREAT Turkey Scholarship. Both of these programs will lend a certain amount of money to the students from Kosovo and Turkey in order for them to be able to study in the UK. Regarding the students from Switzerland and the other countries in the European Union, they might be eligible for the Chevening scholarship or the Commonwealth scholarship. 

Chevening scholarship

This scholarship will be attributed to students proving that they have potential as future leaders of a country. Chevening will provide full funding for students who want to apply for a one-year master’s degree in the universities of the UK. 

Commonwealth scholarship

This scholarship will support students who are seen as people that can make a great contribution to the development of their home country. The studies chosen by these people will have to be about future developments, health system, global peace or resilience to crisis. 


All the information previously stated doesn’t concern Irish students, they will still have access to their privileges without any changes. For the people of Switzerland and the EU, it will be more difficult and expensive in 2021 to be a student in the UK. As such, it will be important for these students to think carefully before deciding to study in the UK. Living in this country will always be an option but it will be harder to get it.