Write your application with zeal and determination while showing a glimpse of your personality. 

You probably spend immense time in college applications and wonder where all the months went. This is a long time that could take up to 5 to 6 months. 

You are determined to achieve your target – a target that your entire future depends on. You apply to numerous schoolsretake standardized examinations, and rewrite your application essays just to reach this goal.  

At the end of the day, after all the efforts put in and lots of research and dedication, who is actually going to go through your application? Who would grade your essays and skim through your test scores? In whose hand exactly does your fate reside?

It’s definitely not some robots of graduate students yearning to make some cash. Here’s what is actually happening: 

Normally, one to three admissions officers would be reading your application. They might be veterans to the selection route or the school alumni.  

They possess vision and experience that renders them significant for the committee and possibly hold specializations in certain domains. For example, they might have experience in business and hold the responsibility of reading through the applications from the North-western U.S.  

There isn’t any special method or rocket science to decipher what these committee members want to read and what aspects they consider essential in an individual. And as overwhelming as it sounds, you certainly can’t file a request for specific office members to go through your application. 

Knowing that the committee members could belong to any background, could be of any age, could have any interests, it is beyond impossible to determine what they’d personally prefer reading. Then what is the most essential thing to keep a note of? 

That admission committee members are just people. Like you. 

Eventually, a person will read your essay at his or her office, at the couch, in bed or even on the floor. Whoever they are, they’d be at your side. They’d have the hopes to read an interesting essay, with reasons to admit you to the institution. The admissions officers do want to give you acceptance

This means highly important to you. This is the time for you to show them your best side. Put forward a unique personality. Your sense of humor, your way of going about things – your persuasiveness. 

In your essay, reflect on your intrinsic motivations, your passions, and your goals. Show them who you are, who you yearn to become, what principles reflect you.

Write in a way that speaks for how closely you know their institution, the programs, and organizations you aim to get into, how thrilled you are to meet specific professors or the alumni members you spoke with. These are highly essential. You need to amaze them and put forward an essay that appeals to them. You need to reflect on how this college is your first and foremost option and why you out to be theirs. 

Your communications skills will eventually pitch you forward. Show them the skills you possess by responding to all sections of the question, spelling every word correctly and shaping a concise yet strong message. 

The above steps would present to your readers what they are absolutely looking for – YOU. 

They’ll get to see your likes, your motivation, your strength and appetite for knowledge. 

They would thereafter want you as a part of their campus. 


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