Should you opt for a one or a two year Master’s degree in Management?

Should you opt for a one or a two year Master’s degree in Management?

Should you opt for a one or a two year Master’s degree in Management? 

You have decided to go to business graduate school. it is no light decision to pursue additional education. But should you go for a one year program? or a two year program? the answer is it depends! 

There are multiple options for your MIM program, including the amount of time it takes to complete one. 

There are benefits to both options. What matters most? Your end goal! A longer education does not necessarily mean a more lucrative career. It may just mean longer education and more money spent on tuition. It all depends on what you hope to achieve by earning a master’s degree in Management. Or, a longer education might give you insights you want and need to get you the job you want. 

One Year Program: 

Let’s start with the basics here: A one year program is short! If you’re taking time off work to earn your master’s, then you’ll probably appreciate this option. Financially, it makes more sense too. Provided you can return to your job after your degree, you’ll muss one year of pay as opposed to two! 

While a one year MIM program can give you what you want pretty quickly, there are some downsides. You won’t for example, get as in depth an education and experience as you would with a two year program! There’s like little or no opportunity for an internship because there’s not enough time! The lack of internships could make a negative impact on your networking prospects. 

Two Year Program 

Two years MIM programs could be a good use of your time, especially if you’re waiting out of tough job market (The pandemic for example). You will take deep dive in management education, expand your network, and have the opportunity to explore other career options, and enter, or re-enter, the job market hopefully on its upswing. 

Another befit of the two year MIM programs? If you are contemplating a PhD program or an EMBA, a two years MIM program is the way to go! 

On the downside, two year mater’s programs are obviously more time consuming and cost more money. If you are not in a position to devote two years of your life to studying, or you’re not willing to go into debt or at a minimum go salary free for two years, this choice may not make the most sense for you!