The United Kingdom is home to several world class universities. This makes it a popular education destination for those of us who are more academically driven.

However, one factor that might deter a student from pursuing masters in this country is the fact that institutions typically cost international students a higher tuition fees than they charge local students. This means that many of the funding options you may have seen them flaunt on their websites may not be accessible to you.

However, you’d be happy to know that there are plenty of other ways you can fund your tuition fees and living costs in the UK.

Student loans

Student’s loans, better known as postgraduate loans, allow you to borrow money against the cost of your masters. This is a loan you promise to pay back once your studies are concluded. Typically, this loan is asked for from the government, private banks or other organizations that may be willing to sponsor you.

Different parts of the government of UK extended Masters Loan:

  • England—£11,222 for the year 2020-2021
  • Wales— £17,000 for the year 2020-2021
  • Scotland—£10,000
  • Northern Ireland—£5,500

International scholarships

This is another great way for international students to gain funding to study in the UK is to look for funding for students going abroad from your own home country.

These kinds of scholarships may be the result of a partnership between UK and your country, such as the ERSASMUS initiative. Below are a few countries which have funding options that might help you live your dream of studying abroad.




  • BAFTA Scholarships in China— this offers financial support to Chinese citizens who are pursuing a masters course in film, television or games at a UK university.
  • Henry Lester Trust— this trust offers grants of up to £2,500 annually to Chinese student who are studying architecture, medicine or mechanical sciences at the postgraduate level in UK.



  • BP Cambridge Scholarship for Egypt— students granted this scholarship are able to pursue a masters related to BP’s work in Egypt i.e. petroleum studies or development studies.


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is one of the longest running international funding programs. It maintains London branch and offers support for citizens of both countries to study in the other country.

University funding

Many universities may also offer students merit-based or need-based scholarships. We have listed for you the Masters degrees available at those universities – and provide detailed information about them.

If you cannot find any details of their scholarship programs, we recommend you get in touch with the resource’s office of the university and kindly ask them to aid you in this. You can also take this time to inquire about the international scholarship options they may be aware of.

Pro tip: it would be more helpful if you emailed them specifying the course you’re interested in and make it clear that you’re a genuine student looking for assistance to study it. Don’t just email them asking for funding—that’s too vague!

Charities and trusts

In addition to the funding sources we have already mentioned, there are a few more organizations that may be well-placed to help you finance your postgraduate opportunity.

  • An initiative by the name of Article 26, aims to help refugees in the UK access higher education, including Masters Programs.
  • The Rhodes Trust runs scholarship programs for outstanding international students to complete a postgraduate qualification at the University of Oxford.
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships allow students of any nationality to study a Masters course at the University of Cambridge.

Private companies

Certain private companies can be willing to sponsor students in order for them to study cheaply in the UK. However, this is not without strings attached. In most cases these companies want the students they sponsor to work for them for a certain amount of time after graduation is over with.

These are the ways international students can try to get funding to attend the prestigious schools in the UK, and fulfill their dreams.