As you know that TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is one of the most renowned language testing programs which is highly respected by all the educational institutes around the globe. Recently due to the COVID19 epidemic situation in the world, ETS has temporarily started TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition test in which the students can take home-based TOEFL without risking their life and health. The test’s overall content, format and quality remain identical to the center-based one however, the virtual experience is new to many people. A human proctor through ProctorU will monitor and supervise you throughout the test virtually. The home administrations will available for 4 days a week. You can register and apply for TOEFL Special Home Edition in any part of the world except mainland China and Iran.

However, this whole home-based TOEFL experience is new to many people that results in generating many difficulties in their way of solving the test. That’s why I will guide you with the general matters that can be resolved beforehand during the home-based test and so you will take the test with ease.

• Electronic Gadgets and Internet are a must:

Be sure to meet the technological requirements! If you have an old laptop or PC that fails to download ProctorU, then it’s time to change your device. You can also borrow a laptop or PC from a friend for this very purpose but to make sure that the device’s conditions are well-suitable for the program and they can handle all the functions easily without leaving you in a hanging mode. After arranging the device make sure to have a speedy internet or Wi-Fi connection which makes it easy for you to download and solve every operation on time. Before the test, make sure to check the device’s health and battery charge, resolve every connection issue and if your device has something to do with the electricity then take care of it as well so then during the test you don’t have to worry about all these technical issues and you can focus on your test more efficiently.

• ProctorU:

After establishing the devices and connection, your first task is to download the ProctorU program in your device as the basic requirement of the test. After downloading, you can go online with ProctorU to solve your inquiry (if you have any) and can ask for tips and suggestions there via voice or text. Make sure to do all these checkings, 1 hour before the test.

• Time for Home-based TOEFL:

After switching on the computer, immediately try to connect with human Proctor as it takes time for 15-20 minutes in connecting. After establishing the connection, the human proctor will tell you to go through the security check. He/she will take your photo and of some confidential documents like driving license. Afterward, they told you to span your camera around the room to make sure that there is no one sitting around you as your helping hand while performing the test moreover, they also want to ensure about the presence of any prohibited material related to the test should stay out of your reach. At last, the proctor will permit you to take notes on white sheets only, that are visible to the camera and launch the test after making enough assurance.

At the end of the test, you are reported about your achieved scores and are obliged to show the proctor your sheet, that you have erased all your notes successfully.

• Issues during Home-Based TOEFL:

You may encounter several issues during the test such as cyber bugs that intervene in the program and create problems in sound system, display, submission option, and time limit. Sometimes your screen may freeze up, probably while watching a video or submitting your draft but don’t get anxious over it. You surely will resolve these issues with the help of a human proctor. Moreover, if a proctor faces any type of technical issue, they will immediately pause your exam, so you don’t have to worry about it either. The timer also didn’t run during any lag.

• The Verdict:

In the pandemic, the inauguration of such a program will help the students and other people who wished to take the TOEFL exam without risking their health. This facilitation aids people who want to pursue their careers abroad.