After graduating from high school, you will have a lot of options to choose from when deciding what course, you want to embark on. This is a question every academically driven teenager has to ask themselves as the end of high school approaches. Should you go for something you enjoyed studying in high school or should you pick a major that is more practical, sure to help you build a brighter future for yourself?

Loosely defined, a major is the course of study you choose to pursue at your institution. As associate’s degree indicates that you studied for about two years while a bachelors means that you spent 4–5 years studying to earn a degree in that specific major.

If you want to continue your education but have no clue as to what you want to study at the college-level, experts at the MBA Center recommend your start by making a few lists:

  • Academic and personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT or AP)
  • Grade point average (GPA)
  • Extracurricular activities
  • And awards they may have gotten in high school


Making these lists will help you see more clearly where your true strengths lie and what major you think you will be best suited to.


Armed with this preliminary information, we urged you to embark on in-depth research of the different kinds of majors universities of your choice are offering. Your main modes of research should be guidebooks, college websites and school counselors— to be more proactive, we suggest you begin visiting the campuses of your prospective universities and try to schedule an appointment with a faculty member.


In case you still do not have much clarity as to what you want to study, then we have provided you a list of bachelor’s degrees you should go for in case of uncertainty:



This degree will equip you with the necessary knowhow on how to run any business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re passionate about businesses or whether you have a love for music, IT or mechanics— you’ll know how to start and manage any business. This is a great safety net since you know you will be able to handle anything in terms of businesses. Even if you do not want to start your own business, you will be a great asset to any business owner looking for someone for a management position.

Computer Sciences

With the world rapidly digitizing, everyone needs a good IT person. This is one of the smartest choices you can make. If you turn out to enjoy the major, then you can go onto specialize in related fields such as Engineering, Statistics, Art or even Archeology (which is increasingly making the use of graphic models and software).

This is one degree that will make sure you are never unemployed.


Natural Sciences

If you’re someone who is interested in science but does not know which field to go into, a great way is to get a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences. We suggest you simply do a degree in the subject you like the most and then,later on, decide what you want to specialize in. The same goes for a subject like Mathematics. This is a highly useful subject in numerous academic fields such as teaching, business, and economics.


Environmental Sciences

With the ongoing climate crisis, the world needs more students of environmental sciences! People who are knowledgeable about this are invaluable when it comes to resolving problems of reusable energy, natural resources and reversing the carbon footprint. Moreover, this degree— like the other ones we have mentioned— will open up numerous doors for you in the future. With this degree in your hand, you will be able to pursue graduate studies in environmental engineering or law. Even if you do not decide to attend school for graduate studies, you will be more than well-equipped to work in an NGO or a government agency.


We hope we were able to give you some valuable insights to play with when deciding what course of action to take when it comes to deciding your major in college. if you have any further questions, we welcome you to direct them at [email protected].