SAT is a multiple-choice question assessment, used by most of the schools and universities as a part of the admission process. SAT is usually taken by high school students before taking admission in the desired university to check their readiness.

It provides universities with the data on a common ground which makes it easy to compare all the candidates based on it. Along with your academic record, reference letters, extracurricular activities report, admission interviews, and personal statement SAT scores are also a basic requirement set by admission officers. However, the SAT scoring application process varies from school to school and university to university based on their requirement. It is a 3-hour long test that validates students’ Mathematics and English alongside reading and writing for university admission.

However, I am not going to talk about how to prepare for SAT assessment, SAT’s pros and cons, what to avoid during the test and how to score greater in SAT, etc. I am not going to touch these topics because you are somehow familiar with all of these as there are many articles and blogs over it on the internet.

The thing I am going to talk about today is what to do after the SAT exam is over? No one ever talked about this scenario before. What happened after your scores got released? Does the score report make sense to you and your parents? Isn’t it a little confusing and makes you anxious for some reason?

Don’t worry, I got your back in this matter. Here are some steps that guide you in this aspect.
You may be wondering about what exactly a good score is? Hence, your first step is to understand and interpret your score report.

The score report is comprised of a lot of information, but you don’t have to be concern about it yet because your target is your scores and results which is a big matter for universities and colleges. Each section of the SAT score report i.e. Math’s and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing is ranked on a scale of 200-800. The total scoreboard ranges between 400-1600 which shows the sum of these two scores. The percentiles score shows you the percent of people you scored higher than. It helps you in understanding your scores compared to others that where are you standing and compare to how many people, you have performed better.

Now the next step includes your reaction. After interpreting your result how to react? If you score high, then obviously you feel happy and proud and if you score low then it’s very normal to feel sad and demotivated. However, you don’t have to be depressed if your score low in SAT. your life doesn’t end up here. There are many other opportunities in the world to grab. If you are a straight-A student but failed to achieve the top spot in SAT, then there is a possibility that you may get anxiety during the time of test or maybe you ran out of time. There can be various reasons, in this case, see the percentiles score that how much you score higher than others, it will help you in boosting up your confidence level and you will feel better.

Look at the admission statistics of the past year of your desired school or university and see their average scores of admitted students. If the scores are short, then there are chances that they will raise the scores to meet the admission applications and if the scores are high or average then the school will stay with the same scoring criteria for admission. In the case of former situation, if your SAT scores are low then there are chances of you to be enrolled in your desired university due to the average statistics and in case of latter, you don’t need to be depressed, you can take re-test in order if there is a possibility.
If you score high, then Congratulations! It’s party time. You get admission to your desired university through your hard work. But, if you are not satisfied with your score or your scores are low then your expectations no worries, there are many other opportunities left on the SAT dashboard. Seize those opportunities, reflect on your past mistakes and scores, practice hard, and don’t feel anxious at the time of test and you are there with your high scores the next time.

I hope all these pointers will help you in getting over with SAT and boost up your confidence in case if you score low for a re-take. Best of luck!