An application essay is one of the most important part in your transition from high-school to college. The goal of this paper is to write about yourself, what you accomplished and why you want to go to this specific university. It is not an easy task and can take a significant amount of time. 

Step 1 : Always Start early and write multiple drafts 

Writing a college essay is not to be taken lightly. It is a task that you will have to give that time to . Never rush your writing! Carefully think about everything that you want to say. It is also better to sometimes write a first draft, set it aside a day or two and then come back at it. Most of the time, it will help you see your work from another point of you. Don’t hesitate to write multiple drafts, the more you’re practicing, the better you will get. Moreover, it could be of a great help to seek the advice of some family members as they can have a point of view that differs from yours. Don’t hesitate to share your work and ask for some critics. 

Step 2 : Choose a good topic 

The topic of your college is the most important part because it will be a base for your whole writing. Because of that, it is recommended to take your time and deeply think about what you want to choose before starting to write your essay. Moreover, you should write about something that is important for you. A college application essay is personal, the people who will read it want to know more about your personalities and way of thinking to know if you are fitted or not for their college. As such, your topic should be about something that had an important impact in your life. The more personal your essay is, the better it will be. 

Step 3 : Show your critical thinking 

In a college essay, you are bound to describe your grades and activities that you are participating in as well as interesting prizes that you got throughout high-school. However, you shouldn’t just make a list of the things that makes you be better than others, you should reflect on it. You got a prize in English Literature ? Then, talk about what it means to you and what you felt during the time you were writing. Colleges will want to see your capacity to think critically about your high-school experience and tell them how the experiences that you got during that time changed you.

Step 4 : Never repeat yourself 

A college essay needs to be unique and original to attract the attention of the college recruiters. As such, it is advised to never repeat yourself in the whole essay. Each theme or idea must be talked about once and in detail. Thanks to that, your essay will be more interesting to read and the readers will understand that you pushed your reflection on it. Moreover , make sure to never contradict yourself in any parts of your essay.