You are planning on taking a GRE? Then here is what you need to know, that now you can take GRE from home.

We all know how important the GRE test is, as it measures your quantitative, verbal reasoning and analytical skills. This test is a general test; it does not determine which field you get to go in. You are supposed to take this test online at a center.

Why is GRE important?

GRE is important because it reflects the kind of skills you have and how you will succeed in life that is through your skills. As mentioned your analytical, quantitative and verbal assessment is done. Moreover, your GRE scores matter because it matters a lot when it comes to sending your application to college or universities. There are some jobs that require you to have a minimum of GRE.

Unfortunately, due to current conditions around the world, the GRE test was postponed at first that is because the team was working on making things online. Now they have resolved the issue. And people are now taking their GRE online from their home.

Taking GRE from home has a plus point and a negative point. Let’s talk about negative first so that the last thing that stays with you is the positive one.


Let’s be honest, we all need motivation for doing things that require time and mental energy. Similarly, GRE is one of those tasks. Giving GRE from home is a problem, why? Because now that all classes are being conducted online, the medium is disturbed. Meaning the delivery of lecture is compromised, that is because when your class is conducted online you do not have a chance of asking a question right there and then because that would disturb the whole decorum of the class. Which brings us to, our main concern studying for GRE has become more time-consuming.


GRE from home has an advantage too since you are home. You are saving lots of your time. You do not have to travel to your school anymore. You can easily utilize that time to gain some extra knowledge or practice some more. You have a chance of getting a better score even in this pandemic condition. We would suggest that you use this time for your benefit, practice all the exercises more than once, the more you practice, the better you will get at attempting the question.

Moreover, it is not like old times that you can’t change your answers. Here is what you should do, practice well so that when you are appearing in your GRE, you would be confident in what you are doing. That will save you some time which you can use it at the end of your test just to cross-check your answers. Because a lot of us make silly mistakes, and a drop of water makes the ocean. Meaning one mistake can lead to another and the result can be bad. So, apply this tip for your benefit for the day of the test.

If you are wondering that this will affect your overall process? Then it will not. You will take the test normally but there will be some changes that you can read about on the ETS page. That will help you understand the updated protocols.



We have discussed what is GRE, and why is it important to take GRE? Moreover, we have laid out the most prominent positive and negative points of taking GRE from home. We hope that this will provide you help with what you are seeking. Again, we would like to emphasize on the fact that you should make this time all about your benefit.