Before going into the debate of what to expect from Home-based GMAT and what not. We first have to recall the basic purpose and introduction of GMAT. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an application process of business schools, often required for taking admissions in Masters and MBA programs internationally. It is a set of computer-based multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with computer standardized exams. GMAT is purposefully developed to provide the common ground to business schools for competing globally. The GMAT administration looks up to your achieved scores, academic record, work experience, and other supporting details for permitting you to a Masters or an MBA program.
Due to the COVID19 epidemic conditions in the world. GMAT started its Home-Based edition to facilitate the business student. However, due to the novelty of this facilitation, many students face difficulty while performing the test and it’s hard for them to manage the entire test criteria virtually whereas, several students feel more comfortable while giving exam indoor as they feel more secure and familiar this way where they don’t have to risk their lives and health. Hence, there are certain pros and cons of this Home-Based edition of GMAT. Now let’s see what to expect from this program and whatnot.

Expectations from Home-Based GMAT

A very prominent change that needs to be observed in Home-Based GMAT is its length as its one-hour shorter in online GMAT. Due to the elimination of the analytical writing section, the one-hour has been cut in online GMAT by the Graduate Management Admission Council to mark the test faster. However, with the short of time, it becomes costlier than the regular GMAT.
The most common difficulty that was faced by the students was not allowing them to use the physical whiteboard (which is allowed in GRE and TOEFL). Instead, they were forced to use the virtual whiteboard with no trackpads and styluses but with just a mouse, which makes the students worry and anxious as the mouse draws slowly than pen and it also difficult to draw the straight lines with the mouse. Hence, the GMAT administration received many complaints regarding this issue. Due to which they permit the use of physical whiteboard from June 11, 2020, for both drawing and note-taking. Also, those students who have already taken the Home-based GMAT exam can retake it with the physical whiteboard. The test-takers will take their retest between the time of June to August.
In Home-Based GMAT, testers are not allowed to preview or cancel their scores at the time of assessment, unlike GRE which allowed the students to preview their scores at the time of exam and can also cancel it. In online GMAT, the students have to wait until they receive their scores to send the results to school for applying, which allows them to step out of the school application if they score lower than the required marks.

Tips for Home-Based GMAT exam preparation

Now I am going to mention some useful tips to prepare yourself for Home-Based GMAT assessment.
If it is harder for you to concentrate at home, then try to mock yourself by bringing up the feeling of office.
Make sure to check all the internet connections and devices that are they work perfectly or not so then you don’t have to run midway for catching up the Wi-Fi signal. Use a speedy internet connection.
Make sure to check your computer or laptop that are they working well without hanging up or not, because technical issue slower you down during the test.
Home-Based GMAT doesn’t permit you to select your section order preferably. You have to follow their assigned order so make sure to practice in that order.
Make yourself used to practice on a physical as well as a virtual whiteboard so then you won’t face any difficulty while drawing or taking notes.
Watch the tutorial of Home-Based GMAT before the test, available on their website as well as on YouTube.
By following these tips, you can counter many anticipated difficulties during the test. Try to remember all these pointers if you get tangled in any above-mentioned issue. Moreover, I highlighted all the basic factor and features of Home-Based GMAT that what things you can expect from it and whatnot.

So, all the best!