Advice from Successful EMBA Candidates

Self-investment and re-evaluation have been the dynamic powers behind EMBA. While signing up for this course, some students want to land an elusive promotion and advance their pay. Others seek unsullied ideas and verified ways to stay a step ahead. However, everyone agrees that there are certain formulas that they need to keep in mind if they want to succeed in their application process. Not only do they have to stretch the limits of their comfort zone, but they will also have to step out of it.

Here are some of the advice given by successful EMBA applicants over the years.

Plan Ahead

The number one mistake you will make is to prioritize one area of your life over the other. If you seek to balance work, academics and personal life, it is important to know how to do so. One of the best ways to ensure that you are prepared for the rigorous application process is to start in advance. Start your preparations before you set foot on campus. Do a strength and weakness analysis on yourself. For instance, if you are someone who does not have a business background, you may want to opt for a basic accounting course before you start your program.

Be decisive

Another mistake that you can make is thinking that you can do everything, all at once. Learn to say ‘No’. Prioritize tasks from every facet of your life. Use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix if it helps. Juggle but do not try to do everything together. Instead, have your non-negotiable tasks set in stone, in the beginning. This approach will enable you to exhibit higher impact leadership and service on the few activities to which you genuinely commit yourself while also broadening your perspective in a manner that is tough to do once your program is over.

Manage Time

After you get into the program, EMBA students may begin to question whether they belong. This is because the program feels like an addition to the list of responsibilities and there is a constant feeling that time is limited. How you choose to allocate time to the tasks at hand is up to you. Find a process that works for you and track critical deliverables religiously. Optimum utilization of time is the key to being successful in this program. That being said, do not schedule every minute of every day. You will go nuts!

Don’t obsess over perfection

Many EMBA students have perfectionist tendencies. They want to achieve perfection in everything that they do. However, the course is not about trying to overcome the standards you’ve set for ourselves. It is more about engaging in sagacious conversations, staying curious, and participating in classroom activities. Regardless of how much you think you know about business or your profession, the EMBA gives a full array of business problems to learn from. Keep a receptive outlook. Know that in a war, you win some and you lose some.

You are your biggest recourse, invest in yourself

You will get significant returns by investing some time in yourself. Self-reflection is necessary to imagine where you need to be in the long run. This will also help you plan how to optimize the vast resources of your business school to build the skills and associations you will need. Don’t put all your emphasis on grades. Rather, emphasize raising your learning curve. 

The EMBA program will be a difficult one to get in and work on. However, the rewards of the program are also very high. Keep working towards it with a set goal and you will definitely overcome all challenges. After all, if it were that easy would it be worth doing?