EMBA applicants often want to advance their careers through an EMBA program filled with resources that can help them in that process. Such resources can be a dedicated career team committed to offering the EMBA students with networking opportunities not only in the region where they live and study, but all over the world. 

There are several reasons why many decided to change careers after decades of working in a certain industry. One of the biggest reasons is simply boredom. The applicant have achieved everything they could achieve in the industry they work for. They want to move on to another one and work hard to challenge themselves in a different career path. 

Executive MBA programs at top tier business schools can help working professionals advance their careers by providing them with the right tools to use at a higher position within the company they currently work for or at a different industry. The degree itself can be a very valuable addition to the resume because it signals to employers that you are well educated and willing to take it to the next step. This means that whatever amount you have spent on the program, it will continue to pay dividends year after year as long as you are still working and challenging yourself! 

Changing career paths require a lot of work! But this can be a much smoother process with the help of an EMBA on your resume and the support of the career teams offered by top tier business schools such as Wharton or HEC Paris. These top business schools make sure the students are well equipped with the knowledge they need for their next moves! This can be done in many ways, including: 

  • One on One career consulting 
  • MBA career programing 
  • Discussions with classmates and alumni 
  • Case studies 
  • Independent studies 

An EMBA applicant should always conduct enough research on the industry he wants to move to before they make that decision. They should also know how will the EMBA help with that transition before they make the investment. It is always wise to create a clear strategy in which you determine that the program is a match to your long term goals. 

One thing is sure, the EMBA addition to your resume will definitely help you increase your salary. Often, EMBA students see an a pay increase of at least $20,000 to $50,000 by the time of graduation. With numbers like that, it is very easy to see why EMBA graduates reported their satisfaction with the programs they have decided to invest in. While the EMBA usually is designed to help students move up the ladder within the same company they work for, it can also help them change industries and eventually leave the company they work for to a better or different one.