Despite what you might believe, SAT scores are usually not a determinant for college readiness in students. Usually, they are just an indicator to help colleges interpret students’ overall academic performance on a national scale. It could be said that the scores just help in placing you on a national level ranking.

In fact, many directors of admission and financial aid in top universities have gone on record to say that though many of the admitted students have a higher score than the average, the scores are not necessarily the main factor considered in the process. It is just a part of the process, but not something that influences the decision much.

In fact, most schools look at the three angles while rating a student’s eligibility. These are:

• academic credentials (the scores and the grades)
• the school profile (what courses the school offers)
• the program the student opts for, after which the student’s overall academic credentials are judged in relation to the overall pool of applicants.

Hubert Silly, founder of MBA Center Europe, believes that these standardized tests are not a perfect way to calibrate a students’ capability. There are cases where students who have great skills and knowledge do not perform well on these tests for numerous reasons and vice versa. 

More than the SATs, schools look for a record of excellent performance over time. Applications that show this type of graph are preferred over just a good SAT score. It is better for the student to show that they have a range of interests and involvement in the field of study and that they have achieved some level of proficiency in those fields. In fact, some schools look specifically for evidence of engagement and the impact of those on the student and his/ her environment.

Apart from this, the most important part of the applications would be letters of reference. These are testimonials from people who have known you well over time and their words carry weight with the committee. 

In conclusion, the SAT and similar tests might be useful in understanding a student’s academic preparation but they do not really determine your eligibility as per admission officials. So relax and do well, but don’t forget to turn in a stellar application as that carries more weight than your SAT score.


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