Interview with Guiherme (Wharton MBA) and Felix (Cornell MBA)

January 10th, 2020

In the application process, interviews are a very critical and important step towards admission. GuihermeBulaty, (Wharton MBA) and Félix Chan (Cornell MBA) who have recently applied to a business school have decided to share their interview experience with us. 

Guiherme, could you tell us more about the interview process? 
The interview is necessary for the school to know the candidates better. The school invites the pre-selected students to meet either with the admissions office representatives or with alumni. Through their application forms and essays, the school has already evaluated that he or she has sufficient hard skills to follow the class. The objective of the interview is not to verify the I.Q. but to check out the necessary soft skills that complete the candidate’s profile. 

Felix, your experience was quite different, wasn’t it? 
My experience told me that the schools intend to look for a “fit” between the applicants and the student community. The interviewers do not evaluate the personal credentials in the interview; instead they probe for how thoroughly I know the school and how clearly I set my career focus. 

What type of questions were you asked? 

Ghilhermé: Overall, you should be prepared to explain who you are, where you come from, what you have done, how you expect to enrich the class’s dynamics and what your future projects are. However, my two interviews were quite different. The first was somewhat curious: we discussed deeply about my personality because the interviewer was very interested in my qualities and shortcomings. At the second one, the interviewer concentrated on my career objectives, and it ended by him giving me valuable advice about future projects. 

Felix: Why MBA? Why the school you have chosen? Personal accomplishments or leadership experiences. Career progression. What other schools you have applied to. I did also come across some unexpected questions, such as what three elements in the interview would you highlight to the admission committee? 

How did you prepare for your interview? 

Guilhermé: Reading information about MBA admission processes in books, on the Internet and discussing with friends who had already gone through it. The best advice here is to revise your essays and point out the main arguments of your positioning. One interview is never like another. You should then rehearse to exhaustion the frequent questions, but don’t forget that you will invariably need your improvisation skills during the interview. 

Felix: Review the essays; check out the website and brochures. Rehearse the questions. 

What is, in your opinion, the secret of a successful interview? 

Guilhermé: I’ll tell you that when I receive the final decision from the school! 

Felix: It really depends on how the applicant performs. One must bear in mind that the image you project in the interview must be consistent with the positioning you portray in the essay.

Thanks, Guilhermé and Felix!


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