Business Master Programs are one of the most popular master around the world. Almost every country is offering this type of program. However, in the las few years, more and more students have been drawn to various universities in Europe. 

  • What is a Business Master Program 

A Business Master Program is designed to help students in becoming experts in specific fields, depending on the discipline that they are interested in, through meticulous academic and theoretical framework.  There are various Business Master Program that a student can choose from, whatever interest you have, they will certainly be a program for it. Many career are at your disposal, you just need to find the one that is the most suitable for you! When choosing a business program, one must be careful in reading the content for each master : the title of a master can be generalized, thus not offering what you want at the end if you’re not paying attention to it. There are mainly three choices when it comes to this type of program : Master of Science, Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts.

Master of Science : this program has more of a technical focus which, most of the time, is related to a business-related education. It’s one of the most common programs and a lot of people are attracted to it. 

Master of Business Administration  : this master is mainly chosen by students who are interested in going to top business schools. It is more suited for people with the work experience of at least three years.

Master of Arts : this master is a humanities focus program. Generally, it is offering courses such as social sciences, history, political science or communication studies. It is awarded by many countries in the world. 

All of these programs will have different options depending on the country you are studying in. Moreover, they can be free or have a certain price depending on the university displaying them. 

  • Why is it so important in Europe 

Nowadays, a surge of application for European universities has been noticed across the world. Because of the anti-immigration policies enforced by Trump as well as strict visa rules, the United States are no longer a place that people want to study in : the applications are harder and it takes a consequent amount of time. On the other hand, it is not the case for Europe. Additionally, some universities in Europe are leading the ranking tables, which makes it a valuable choice for top grade students who want to have the best studies possible. With this increasing demand of application for masters programs, also came a rise in application for business schools in Europe.  

Another reason why Europe is attractive to foreign students is the possibility to travel between 26 different countries as long as you have a student visa for one of the countries that are part of the European Union. Thanks to that, a student can discover multiple cultures without having to take a long ride or having issues with a visa. The freedom of travel makes the studies in Europe really attractive to foreign students. Additionally, with the European Credit System, once you’ve studied in an European country, you will be able to pursue other studies or researches and even find a work in every country that is part of the European Union. While studying in one of these countries, you will also have the opportunity to have class trip in whole of Europe. This potential freedom of travel coupled with top grade universities is making Europe really interesting for foreigners. 


Despite the pandemic that is currently striking the world and new visa restrictions put in place by various countries, Europe is now experiencing a booming demand for its Business Master Programs. The main reason for that is the possibility to travel between various different countries as well as the option to study in high class university that will open doors for multiple jobs.