The graduate school vs work is a debate that has baffled students for ages now. Students who choose to go for a Master’s program will need to think carefully about their choice as attending a graduate school is a huge investment of time and money both. In this essay, we will attempt to give you some of the common reasons to study at a graduate level which could help you make your choice.


  • Graduate school as an investment for the future: 

No one questions the merit of extra knowledge and specialization in your field.
A graduate school with its specialized curriculum could be the first step towards a career in the sector you really want to be a part of.
Students should look upon graduate school as an investment in themselves and their future.

  • Graduate schools help you get noticed: 

With an increasing number of students opting for a Master’s degree, an undergraduate might get sidelined in the job market.
Graduate school is now more of a necessity than a luxury.

  • Graduate programs help you pursue your interests and build a strong network: 

With opportunities for independent research and the ability to choose your own modules of study graduate programs are a great way to build upon your character and develop your mental acumen in the field of your choice. Moreover, with greater possibilities of extracurricular and volunteer activities, you gain a chance to develop and build your own network which will prove a great asset in your career.

  • Graduate school trains you to be a contributor of knowledge: 

While undergraduate studies are a time of taking in existing information, graduate study is the time when you know the subject so well that you can contribute to it from outside. You will be able to look at the subject thoroughly and find avenues for improvements or study.

  • Graduate school will help improve your earning potential: 

It is well known that a graduate degree gives you a higher earning potential than an undergraduate degree.
You might start earning much later than average, but that in no way diminishes your financial prospects.

  • Graduate school helps you gain credibility and academic recognition: 

A graduate school is an institute of higher learning and research.
Here you will gain a chance to expound and explore theories and ideas.
You are also eligible to contribute to research projects, present papers at conferences and even receive accreditation in journals.
Graduate school forms the bedrock of academic recognition and is a great prospect for those interested in research and recognition in the academic field.

  • Graduate school will help connect you to the best in your field: 

Classes, lectures, symposiums, a graduate school is a fiesta for an academically-minded student.
Here you will be surrounded by all the major thinkers in your field.
Additionally, you will also gain access to the best of the research materials and technology in your field.


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