Students are often drawn to the perks that accompany a degree in business. From savory salaries, an abundance of employment opportunities, and increasing chances of potential employment with the best businesses, a business degree can provide exceptionally diverse skills for students to excel within their new field of study. The foundations built with business majors make them more appealing to employers. 

Entry-level employees with business degrees graduate with strong skills in Excel, PowerPoint, accounting, budgeting, and other business-related tools and software. Additionally, the opportunities to travel abroad and study in destinations across the world are highly encouraged and supported by many business schools. 

Starting Salaries for Business Grads 

Students who graduate from premier business programs often begin earning $60,000 or more in the first years of their careers. Graduates from top-ranked schools, such as the University of Pennsylvania, also referred to as Wharton, and the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce which are ranked number one and two in terms of the highest annual salaries, start with a salary of $70-80,000 a year with additional signing bonuses averaging almost $13,000. 

A Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) is a distinctive degree that not only ensures a return on a student's college investments but can help business majors advance up the corporate ladder quickly and with ease. With the essential skills learned by students during their undergraduate years, business students excel in their fields in a variety of unique positions. 

An Abundance of Employment Opportunities 

The diversity in employment opportunities is an appealing quality for business graduates. With plenty of job opportunities, business professionals have more choices when deciding which company is the best fit for them. Having the option to choose where you want to work is priceless. 

Not to mention, the skills business students learn to prepare them for success in the workplace also give them a boost when navigating through the hiring process. With the cultural experiences from traveling and studying abroad, most business majors make well-rounded, productive members of almost any workplace. 

Top 10 Business Schools 

(Based on MBA Rankings)

  1. Stanford University

  2. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) 

  3. University of Chicago

  4. Northwestern University

  5. Harvard University

  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

  7. Columbia University

  8. University of California (Berkeley)

  9. Yale University

  10. Dartmouth College 


With the continual increase in popularity, many students choose to study business majors for many different reasons. However, most students decide to become business students to obtain financial success, have a diversity of options to choose in where they work, and the abundance in both advancement and employment opportunities available for business graduates. 

While there may be a number of reasons behind more and more students choosing to pursue business majors, the diverse opportunities for a successful career top many student lists. The skills that business majors acquire during their academic careers make them ideal candidates for businesses looking to hire new employees, which are a few of the reasons why business remains the most popular major for college graduates.