Advancing your education post-graduation is an option available for all graduates. Some graduates have the general perception of Masters costing a lot of money and prefer to finalize their educational prospects through graduation alone.

Master’s Corner

It does sound tempting to start off your career right away after graduation especially after all the hard work you have put into securing your Bachelor. The idea of not having to add more years into securing another Degree with all the examinations and unrelenting studying must certainly seem appealing. That said, it is imperative to ask yourself whether it is the logical decision or not. Are you willing to forego the life changing opportunity of pursuing your advanced studies and miss out on better jobs in life? We will be discussing this in detail the necessity of opting a Masters in the following essay.

Career Growth with aMasters

The primary reason why people overlook pursuing their Masters is because they believe they can avail a job regardless of a Master’s Degree or not. But that perspective is erroneous. It is partially true that you can secure a job post-graduation if you want. However, there is no guarantee that you can secure one. With a Bachelor’s Degree in your hand, the opportunities for obtaining a job and an advanced job at that is quite limited especially with the limited knowledge of your Bachelors. Your competitors will have the edge against you in this field and you need leverage to beat them out in order to acquire your dream job. A master’s degree is the key to your path to success in this department.  It will act as not only your career booster but enable you to apply for more advanced positions at an accelerated pace. You will naturally see more pay raise and gaining the upper hand against your competitors. A master’s Degree is the key to improving your job security prospects.

Master your Knowledge

You have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge pertaining to the subject you chose in your Bachelor. You will be able to gain more expertise on the subject that you enjoy and love.  Becoming more knowledgeable in your field gives you an advantage over your peers who have chosen not to pursue their Masters. You will gain an insight on the research related to your field and work independently which in turn will lead to the development of your ideas and thoughts. You will be access additional information which will upgrade your career endeavors and CV. A masters will be able to provide you relevant education concerning your specific subject. For example, if you are a Biology graduate, you can enhance your knowledge in this field by selecting a specific subject related to the field like Zoology, Botany, Genetic, etc.

Wage Increase

Every job seeker hopes to secure a job with good pay. If you obtain a job with your Bachelor’s, the pathway to gaining promotion and relevant experience might take years which can delay your hopes of gaining a raise in your salary. This situation can be avoided if you have a Master’s Degree in your arsenal. Studying a Masters in and of itself costs a lot of money which is the main reason why most people avoid it. So you might question if it is wise to invest in your Masters. To put it bluntly, it will turn out to be the most productive investment of your life. This has been backed up by a research in the UK comparing the yearly salary of employees with a Bachelor’s degree to that of employees with a Masters. They found that employees with a Master’s degree earned 16% more than the Bachelor ones.

Personal Development

A Masters course gives you more autonomy than Bachelor’s. Master’s Students have to make their research and analysis independently as opposed to Bachelor students which means they have to exercise more personal efforts and engagements. This paves the way for them to establish new professional and persona skills like management, self-motivation, task execution, communication and more. It will give you the necessary confidence to face the real world. Bachelor students experience intimidation and insecurity as they are new to operating independently in their new jobs. Master’s degree graduates do not share that experience and perform more effectively in their new jobs and advance at a greater pace.