Getting Admitted to a Top Business School Without a GMAT Score

Getting Admitted to a Top Business School Without a GMAT Score

Getting Admitted to a Top Business School Without a GMAT Score

Until very recently, the GMAT has been an indispensable component in an application to any MBA program, let alone the top tier programs available at some of the best business schools we target such as the one at Harvard Business School or Wharton. A high GMAT score can significantly improve the applicants chances of admission to these top business schools. However, during the pandemic, an increasing number of business schools decided to remove the GMAT test from their admission requirements. This change in the admission process means that there are more options of pursuing an MBA than ever before! 

While the GMAT can show that a candidate has demonstrated the ability to ace an exam, it does not necessarily translate into class performance or wether the applicant is able to become succession in business post graduation. Additionally, the GMAT exam does not measure interpersonal and networking skills that are necessary for students to succeed in the classroom and in the business world. Therefore, more schools are de-emphasizing the role of GMAT in their admission process! 

With the removal of GMAT scores in the admission process, admission officers will take into account a host of criteria and requirements. Here are some of the top requirements that MBA programs not asking the GMAT score will emphasize in each applicant’s profile: 

  • Work Experience 
  • Advanced Degrees 
  • GPA 
  • Professional Certification 
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • Essay or Personal Statement 
  • Other Tests: Such as the Executive Assessment. 

Many wonder if the business schools that don’t require the GMAt are any good? Are they worth the investment?  

Many well erupted tier one schools don’t require applicants to present the GMAT scores, below is a list of such top tier business schools: 

  • Imperial College London 
  • IE Business School 
  • Rotman School of Management  

So, depending on the program, school, and the country, the GMAT score might either not be required or waived off in certain cases. Hence, providing you the same MBA without GMAT scores.