9 Important Things You Need to Know as You Prepare For The GMAT Examination?

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is an important examination that you should clear when applying to business schools. In the GMAT exam, questions are given in the format of multiple-choices and are completely computer-based. In short, it is a computer-adaptive standardized examination that should be cleared before applying for admission in prestigious graduate business programs (MBA) across the globe.

Are you aiming for a management degree from one of the prestigious colleges or institutes of your nation or abroad? If yes, there are a few things that we wish you must learn about GMAT exams before you appear for the same. The GMAT score will be one of the most important factors in deciding your MBA future, so be extra wise and prepare for the GMAT.

Below is the list of 9 things that you need to keep in mind while preparing for the GMAT examinations.


There Are 4 Different Sections:

The exam is taken in four different sections-

 Analytical Writing: It checks how well you can analyze and focus on a specific area or a topic. Here you would be given a topic, and you need to analyze the reasoning behind it.

Integrated Reasoning: This is the second section of the exam. Here, you will get 12 questions where your ability to assess information would be checked.

Quantitative assessment: This is one important part. You would be required to come across valuable data to draw your conclusion on the topic.

Verbal: The last section would test your ability to read and understand the written material. It also judges your ability to understand the argument and correct written material in case of any error.

Two Sections Are Computer-adaptive

This means that you would be answering all the questions via a computer & the computer would modify the questions based on your skills and what answers you provide for each question. For instance, if you answer a middle-level question perfectly, the next question would be comparatively difficult and vice-versa.

You, Will, Get 4 Scores

You will receive different scores for all four sections. The analytical writing assessment will be scored on a range of 0, which is the minimum number, to 6, which is the maximum. Integrated reasoning is to be scored ranging from 1 to 8, while both verbal and qualitative are scored between 0 to 60. 

The Total Score

The total score of the exam will be given on a scale ranging between 200 to 800, having increments of 10. To calculate this, only verbal and quantitative scores will be taken into account. As per records, only two-thirds manage to earn a total score falling between 400 to 600. The scorecard also contains percentile rank.

The Scores Would Be Valid for 5 Years

Official scores will be received within twenty days from the exam date and remain valid for the next five years. You need to plan carefully to decide the period to appear for GMAT examinations. If you wish to take admission to a good Institute, then decide the test date based on the deadlines of the institute.

No Pass or Fail Exists

The GMAT examination is not a test where you will pass or fail. The score you require depends on the business school you are applying to. Most business schools will designate the cut-off scores that they accept. Setting a high aim for yourself with the required score will definitely help you while preparing for the exam using various mock tests.

Online Resources

You can find many free mock test questions every week on the GMAT official website(mba.com). It also provides the GMAT Prep software for free, which comprises ninety questions with explanations and answers. There are many other sites that provide practice questions for free.

The GMAT Exam Is Always in English

The test is always conducted in the English language only. If you are not confident in English, then it is important for you to improve your skills before appearing for the test.

Exam Norms to Be Followed

On the test day, leave your mobile phones & notes outside the examination hall. You only need to carry your identity card along with the list of programs sent and your letter of appointment to the hall. The test duration is three and half hours with two breaks.

You need to strictly follow all the instructions mentioned above to excel in the GMAT examination for your MBA admission.