Networking is crucial for every person who belongs to a certain intuitional field such as doctors, engineers, artists, etc. for their growth in the field.

However, when networking comes to a business student it becomes mandatory. For an MBA student, networking is as important as his/her degree in the program. Because he/she cannot grow any further without establishing a well-dependent circle of network. Let’s say an MBA graduated student wants to start his/her business but cannot get successful and well-establish because they don’t have enough connections and networks in their smartphone.

Networking is a process of establishing well-trusted partners and friends, basically the group of people who came in need during your hard time mainly at the starting point of your business and also those who help you in growing your business further. Whether you want to find a job, start a new business, want a stakeholder or business collaborator, these links of networks will help you in getting and sharing information. Networks are best when it comes to promoting your business as they come handy when they are strong. However, it doesn’t mean that you start using your networks for your benefits. It is also important to help others as their network. The network is a mutually beneficial thing between two parties with an equal game of assets.

The alumni of business schools in Europe emphasize MBA students on building positive and influential connections not from with US only but from all over the world. MBA is a field that is considered best when it comes to developing and formulating networks. As an MBA student, you can have access to professors, alumni, and other classmates to share your thoughts and idea.

According to reports, about 30% of MBA students are more focussed to build a professional network as their top priority while pursuing the program, which shows the importance of this factor.

Let’s dive into the more advantages of having strong network connections to advance your career as an MBA student:

  • A strong network connection opens several paths of career and job opportunities for you. According to the LinkedIn report, 85% of the jobs are gained through a network connection. As they were offered in the social connection before posting online on LinkedIn.
  • Networking is a fascinated tool when it comes to sharing and gaining information. You can get the insight knowledge of the thing or some particular case through your network connections. Moreover, networking with people that come from different fields will broaden your scope and perceptions about looking up to things and given the opportunity, and you can select the best for you.
  • The devoted time on establishing networks will result in enhancing your academic as well as an industrial profile with some influential references. For example; a certain brand or company will take more interest in you if you are recognized by some powerful people of the community and there are more chances of them listening to your ideas and notions.
  • The network is like a link to several mini connections. One network will aid you in gaining several other connections, which creates an opportunity for you to be recognizable by many other people of the community. Each network contributes to connecting you with a perfect and strong network. Hence, you will end up gaining an influential and strong group of networks.
  • Picking up a business school with strong network background connections also come under wise decisions. It will help you in constructing a trusted relationship with the alumni. Moreover, the selection of clubs in your business school should also be focused under the light of networks such as if you have a good relationship with the head and instructor of a certain club and these people are dominant figures in the school.
  • Constructing and keeping a good relationship with your classmates is also very crucial as it increases the chances of them supporting you at the time of decision.

An MBA student should start networking at the beginning of the program as it needs a valuable time and effort for construction. While formulating network connections with US business schools, you need to be careful about not hurting their ego or challenge their power in any aspect. Moreover, choose the club wisely that flicker your interest because enrolling in a club without any interest will benefit you nothing as networking demands actions, it doesn’t remain stand on empty words only but honest commitments. At last, business is all about networks and vice versa. If you make trusted relationships at the time of your studies in business school, it will benefit you in your future forever.