The prestigious Harvard College is the dream institute of every under-grad student to get into. Those who wish to have a thriving and prosperous career ahead of them have Harvard College on the top of their list for colleges to get into. As a part of Ivy League, this Cambridge based college is a part of the Harvard University which happens to be one of the world’s most renowned and famous Academic Institutes and the oldest ones in the United States.

Many aspire to become associated with this prestigious academy but only a few can succeed. Those who do can utilize this opportunity to develop a flourishing professional career depending upon their career of choice. But just as we said; it’s not so easy, especially at the time when every student has too much to cater to. On top of managing school, senior year, and applying to different colleges; there is always this paranoia of ‘College Interview’. As surprising as it may sound to many, the phenomenon still remains shrouded in mystery despite being nothing more than just an interview.

To debunk this mystery and make things easier for our readers, we have drafted this piece to eliminate any irrelevant speculation pertaining to this topic. So read through and get yourself ready for your interview at Harvard College.

What to Expect?

Here’s the big question; are you afraid? We understand that every applicant is, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t make it. In fact, your interviewer, who was in your shoes once, has undergone the same. So they understand your condition and will try their best to bring out the best in you so you can leave that interview satisfied.

To make it easier, the interview is just one part of your entire process of application. Other more important things such as:

  • Your transcript.
  • Your essay.
  • Your extracurricular activities.
  • Your recommendations, etc.

All of those things account for far more than just a one-on-one session with a person who isn’t there to judge you, rather, to know you better. Despite what you may have heard or the rumors you will hear when you have reached your senior year, these interviews are conducted to understand you, not judge you or criticize you.

The interviewer is going to be an alumnus who is somewhat as nervous as you are; but of course, they will try their best to make you elaborate on yourself. Think of it as an introduction session. You are there to tell them about yourself and they will crosscheck it with their criteria for eligible students for Harvard College. No, there are no written criteria; it just has to be you against your word. What you have given as your essay and all that you have provided that tells them about who you are will be marginalized and testified; in other words; you will be telling them about yourself orally.

You just have to remember one thing, to be yourself and confident. Even if you are a little nervous, it is acceptable and understandable. Your interviewer is going to be reassuring and kind to you. They will try their best to get to know you and get you to talk truly about yourself. It is best to not pose a fake persona to try to your interviewer; just be the best of who you are. And if that is executed well, you can be sure about having aced that interview.

The questions your interviewer will ask are going to be generic and ordinary. It will be nothing too complex or invasive. Neither they will ask you to tell them your deepest darkest secrets, nor will they try to intimidate you by asking difficult or personal questions.

In conclusion, the interview is going to be a simple session of your interviewer trying to get to know you. If that hasn’t soothed your nerves, then try diving right into it probably will. As we have previously emphasized and we will again, it’s just an interview. Although a very important and decisive interview; but an interview nonetheless. So take our word for it, expect a friendly alumnus and expect some generic and ordinary questions about yourself, interests, hobbies, and future plans. That’s it, and that alone will suffice.