Applying to the Harvard 2+2 MBA Program

Harvard Business School has a reputation that precedes its name. The same is true for the Harvard 2+2 MBA program. This deferred program is for current students who are either in college or full-time Master’s degree programs.  Anybody who meets these criteria and has the right set of skills can apply. But be advised, Harvard is highly selective of who it considers for this program. The few lucky people who do get into the program need to work for two years prior to assuming their position in HBS.  

The Harvard 2+2 

After acquiring a full-time work experience that ranges from at least two years to a limit of 4 years in any public, private or non-profit organization, applicants can attend two years of study in the HBS MBA Program. This program centers on pulling in promising applicants from STEM and liberal arts majors, who would not consider pursuing an MBA otherwise. This doesn’t imply that Harvard doesn’t consider applicants from undergrad business programs. 


To qualify for admission to the Harvard 2+2 program, students must hold campus or off-campus leadership positions, and make a momentous impact in the roles they hold apart from the obvious academic mandates like:

  • Aspirants must be final year students in full-time masters or undergraduate programs.
  • Master’s students must have entered the program straight after graduation. It is compulsory that they must not have worked after graduation.
  • Applicants must have a GMAT score ranging between 590-790 or an equivalent GRE score. It is mandatory to take the Integrated Reasoning portion of the GMAT and AWA section of either test.
  • International applicants attending a non-English speaking undergraduate university will need to submit a valid TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE score.


HBS has an amazing reputation, and the Harvard 2+2 program is also recognized worldwide for proficient lectures in assorted management disciplines. The Harvard admissions committee vets its candidates thoroughly, looking for candidates with high maturity and incomparable potential. Therefore, like any other B-School application, your Harvard 2+2 application needs a phenomenal and vivid explanation of your qualities and capabilities. Needless to say, that your application needs to encapsulate your current achievements and be able to predict future milestones. 

Keep in mind that the Harvard 2+2 program is very vocal and proud of keeping a low percentage of acceptance rate in contrast to the other MBA programs at Harvard. Even so, Harvard officials say that it is a no-risk proposition for applicants as they are still studying and they can get their GMAT/GRE score out of the way.  The application fee is also lower, and you can use the application as a chance to introspect.