For most undergraduate students in the process of researching a variety of business schools and MBA programs both in the US and Europe, admissions professionals often recommend scheduling these campus visits to get a better for the school itself. If the applicants don’t feel comfortable within the walls of the institution, then there is always time to find another one! 

Considering how the coronavirus pandemic has upended the usual operations of business schools worldwide, campus visits may look a bit different this coming summer with limited in-person tours respecting social distancing and other government issued regulations; virtual campus visits which basically show the applicants the whole schools and they also get to ask questions and follow up on them; and in some cases the schools offer drive through options if the campus is big enough. 

It is very important to your have your options ready and schedule these visits early on! The applicants must also know exactly what to expect during these in person tour or online tours. They should expect some limitations due to the covid safety protocols, and so it is important to not be disappointed if they did not get the whole experience they should be getting and even more important to not blame that on the schools itself. 

Applicants must also plan and establish a budget for these schools visits! It costs money to travel and in some cases, due to the lockdowns you can even do that. So do your research, know what the regulations are, and then plan ahead! 

Finally, applicants must learn about the local community where the business school they are visiting is located. Often times, that is where they will find their first job when they graduate. So, it is important to do your research on the location, and then determine wether it will help you reach your professional and career goals in the short term.