College life is one of the memorable adventures for a student to experience. This is a time where they make new friends, develop their interests and skills, choose their future destination, compete to get top grades, fall in love, and many more.

So, selecting the best college that suits their field and can fulfill all their dreams is the foremost priority of a student as well as his/her parents. There is this saying that, “A well-establish college produces well-known students”. Not only in terms of studies, but a college also needs to perform better in terms of curricular activities too.

Students need to take care of many things when it comes to selecting college as it is one of the most important decisions in their life which is going to impact their whole career. Specifically, a student can choose a college based on its reputation in the city or a country. Most of the students prefer those colleges which are located on a walking distance to their home so then they don’t have to travel much. Many students want to attend college with their existing friends. Those students who are into extracurricular activities, select college based on their ranking in sports. Several students look up to scholarship programs a certain college is offering while selecting a college.
However, I am going to highlight the 10 foremost criteria for you to choose the college of your dream.

➡️ First and foremost… Always follow your interests!

  • The best and the topmost niche of selecting a college is to follow your educational needs like, if you are interested in engineering, then choose a college that best suits your field and has extensive experience, knowledge, and technology in that regard. Similarly, if a student wants to pursue his/her career in arts so they must choose a college that fulfills their expectations and can help them grow in this field. Because in the last, what matters is your skills and knowledge in your craft. You need specifics!
  • Students must look up to the college’s graduation rate, scholarship programs, International students exchange programs, achievement, and fee structure. The assurance about the quality of study that a certain college is offering and the quality of their teachers are needed to be investigated first.
  • Students must check the college’s curriculum and available courses whether a certain college is offering their desired courses or not.
  • The location of the college campus should be kept in mind that is the college located on a walking distance from your home or you need to take a bus to reach there. Always prioritize the college that is near to your home as it saves your traveling time and energy, which you can invest in your studies later. However, staying in a hostel is another option if you are an international student.
  • Bullying in colleges has become very common. So, while selecting a college keep this issue in mind and search the information about your desired college on the internet for good insight.
    The size of the cafeteria and the quality of food that a certain college is offering is also very important while selection, as you must eat to run your body and mind.
  • Financial aid facility is also very crucial for students who are going through a hard time with money. So, look up to this feature if you are facing problem with money whether your dream college can aid you financially or not.
  • Those students who have a part-time job or are planning to have one should look up to their desired college policy first that whether the college is allowing them for a part-time job or is it prohibited there.
  • Those students who want to pursue their career in sports or are involved in extracurricular activities should look up to the college that best fits their needs.
  • Lastly, try to read the lines of spirit in the students of your desired college like, are the seniors happy and satisfied with their decisions? and all those spending years in college was boost up their enthusiasm or not.

College life is hard to forget so choose it wisely and make it the best experience of your life because you are bestowed with only one life!