College interviews are an important part of the admission process for some schools. Many colleges require you to interview with an alumnus or an admissions rep either on campus or in your hometown. The interview will be considered when your applications are evaluated. 

Most often the interview is relaxed and informal, but if you agree to do it, take it seriously. It is a huge opportunity to build a relationship with the school representative and show them what you can bring to the school if selected. Here are some tips from us to help you prepare for the big day:

  1. Be prepared for common questions:
    Most often than not, interviews tend to ask the basic questions to gain an idea of who you are.
    Questions about who you are, why the particular school and the particular course, your interests and hobbies, your failures and learnings are very common. These might seem easy to answer but be prepared.
    There is nothing worse than watching someone fumble while trying to talk about themselves.
    Do not “wing it”!
    It is important to have some points prepared when you are asked such common questions.
  2. Practice:
    Before the interview, get a hold of one of your parents or teachers or a friend and have him grill you.
    This will prove to be a useful practice when you actually sit down to talk to the interviewer.
    Keep practicing. Be proactive and look up questions that they could ask you and practice answering them.
  3. Ask questions:
    The interview is a great opportunity to find out more about the school from people who are a part of it.
    Ask pertinent questions.
    Prepare a few questions that are not necessarily found on the college website.
    The interviewer will appreciate your interest.
  4. Stop worrying:
    It is a commonly held belief that the longer the interview, the better your chances. Don’t fall for this.
    Understand that most interviewers will be meeting multiple students back to back.
    So try to remain positive throughout the interview, whether it is a short one or a really long one. 
  5. Be yourself:
    This might be the most important tip there is. Be yourself so that the interviewer can understand your motivations better. Showcase the best of you so that they can help you out too.
    Be comfortable and talk well. 
  6. Be thankful:
    A little gratefulness goes a long way in showing your personality. Send a thank-you note to the interviewer and mention any particular point in the interview that you’re grateful for. Or simply, express your continued interest and thank them for their time.


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