Reasons Why The ST Gallen MIM is Considered The Best

The MIM program at the University of St Gallen, Switzerland is the primary choice for students on the lookout for the best MIM program. The University has topped The Financial Times’ list of MIMs, above stellar players like HEC Paris and London Business School for nine consecutive years. However, is it really different from the rest?

Depending upon the university, MIMs may be established under different names, including M.Sc in Management, M.Sc. in International Business, Master in Business and Economics, M.Sc in General Management, or Master in International Management. Despite the different nomenclature, the top MIMs are similar mainly because all are one-year programs tailored for students with little or no experience.

MIM focuses on fundamental courses, to give students a foundation on core subjects like marketing, strategic leadership, microeconomics, and organizational behavior. The formulation of the course gives students a jump-start at the beginning of their careers. Founded by Mr. Omid Aschari in 2004 while he was a professor of strategic management at St Gallen, he has managed and helped the program evolve for over sixteen years. He claims that the program continually expects to generate extraordinary value for its students, teachers, and the community at large. Approximately seventy-five percent of applications get rejected because the admissions committee is very particular about picking the right candidates.

Listed below are few insights to this flagship program:

  • Student involvement

At St Gallen, the entire philosophy revolves around developing the whole person as opposed to imparting lectures. The idea is to teach students who are capable to co-create the learning practice and not just remain passively involved. Involvement of the St. Gallen’s student body and alumni are seen when they all come together to participate in the SIMagination Challenge. This challenge is a way to expand leadership abilities by connecting students in social projects around the globe. 

Another major assignment that aids students in being more engaged are the Reflection Sessions. Reflection Sessions add a new element to the program, and are being taught entirely in English. The idea behind these sessions is to help students reflect and sort through problems in a systematic manner. Students reflect on questions like:

  1. What are the difficulties ahead?
  2. What kind of challenges are we facing individually?
  3. What type of challenges are we facing as a group?
  4. What sort of encounters would we like to experience?
  • Prioritizing differently

St Gallen believes that the only edge an institute might have is the culture behind the learning processes. The managing director, Mr. Omid Aschari explains that the school does not run after the ranking glory.  Their priority is to invest their energy in making SIM an excellent program. 

Surely, this methodology has yielded extraordinary results. According to the Financial Times, St Gallen continues to rank first even after eight consecutive years. The career management office of the school also ranks first in the world as per the FT survey, with approximately ninety-eight per cent of the students getting employed within three months of graduation. 

  • Low cost of the program

The low cost of the program compensates for the high cost of living in Switzerland. As an international student, the program will cost you approximately $3451. However, the approximate cost of living may end up being around $10347 for you while it will only come to about $4600 for a Swiss resident. 

  • Clear Distinction

Contrary to the admission requirements of most MBA schools, St Gallen explains the significance of each grade to enter their newest batch that begins in September. The school elaborates that the following division needs to be considered while submitting the application. This segregation of marks enables prospective candidates to plan and prioritize. 


Bifurcation Weightage
Video interview 30%
Average undergraduate grades 20%
GMAT OR GRE Score 20%
Extracurricular and Work Experience 20%
Essay 10%


The strength of the program is the curriculum and success that is internationally recognized. Hence, St. Gallen will be an ideal match for students who want an intimate program in a scenic location and have an interest in the German-speaking world.