The decision to pursue an MBA is arguably one of the most important decisions that you will have to make in your professional career. The most obvious reasons to obtain an MBA are likely to be better career prospects, higher salary, better networking opportunities, and enhanced skill development. While these motives are important to consolidate your decision, there are some additional benefits of pursuing an MBA, which you are unlikely to consider before entering a business school; yet, these are important incentives and ought to be considered.

  1.  The opportunity to make lifelong friends, who might end up being co-workers, fellow businessmen or important contacts in the future.

The friends you are likely to make while attending Business School are likely to make it big in the field of business that they concentrate in; seeking their advice may help you in your career. Furthermore, their friends, who by definition will be your acquaintances, are likely to be valuable contacts too. They will add to your invaluable network. Hence, make as many friends in Business School as possible. These friends are not only likely to understand and share your ambitions, but also provide you valuable advice and moral support when you face career and business troubles that they are likely to understand.

  1.   The opportunity to get the much-needed time off for self-reflection.

While it may sound trivial, getting the time for self-reflection is one of the most important incentives of attending Business School. While working, you are often so pre-occupied that you rarely have the time to sit back and reflect upon yourself. Chances are that when you get into a decent business school, you think that you are the best-of-the-very best. This may even be true but only when you are placed in your legion of childhood friends. When you get into an MBA program, you will realize that getting good grades in your high school, going to a decent college and landing a money minting job is not all that is required to be successful in the business world. Furthermore, immersed in an international environment, with students from around the globe will help you break the barriers of your local perspective. You will realize how the globe is becoming increasingly interconnected and business increasingly international, and you will recognize that to be successful you need to beat not just local but international competition. Thus, you are likely to acquire the skills required for sustainable money-making. Finally, the professors that you are likely to meet may turn out to be the best mentors. Some of them will challenge your thinking and confuse you; and when you are confused, that is likely when you are learning the most.

  1.   The opportunity to acquire and polish your leadership skills.

Managing people is one of the most important skills that you are likely to acquire in a Business School. There will be special classes and courses dedicated to this purpose. Make sure you take note of all the concepts and tips presented to you; they will prove essential when you are given the task of managing people. 

  1.   The opportunity to learn how to work in a team

Even though we often believe ourselves to be Team players, honest feedback from people we have worked with reports a different story. However, going to a business school is likely to change this story. In a business school, you are often asked to work on many team projects. All of the team members are MBA students who know that they are smart and often want to lead. This presents with the best possible opportunity to learn as you gather how to work together with the most talented people while ensuring that their goals are aligned with that of the team and everyone is moving ahead on the same track. 

  1.   The opportunity to enhance your public speaking and better acquire the business language.

It has been claimed that people fear public speaking more than death. While this may or may not be true, it is true that public speaking is a common fear; and while most of the MBA students are better in public speaking than many other people, a lot of business school students are not great public speakers either. Because pitching ideas and presenting models and concepts constitutes a huge part of your success in business, an MBA program will offer you many opportunities to improve your presentation skills.


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