When you want to pursue your studies post-graduation, you might encounter a major issue : the price of colleges. Depending on the country and which institution you want to study in, the prices to access a higher education can be significantly expensive. To overcome this issue, you can try to get a scholarship that , in some cases, will pay for the totality of your fee. 

How does a scholarship work ?

A scholarship is a financial aid or an award given to a student in order to further their education, generally awarded for university. The scholarships will be based on certain criteria such as financial needs, academic merit, athletic skills or diversity and inclusion depending on the college the student is applying for. Sometimes, it can be based on a combination of these criteria. These requirements will generally reflect the goals and values of the founder or donor of the award. Moreover, the given award might require the student to meet certain criteria throughout the whole time of their studies, such as engaging in a certain activity or maintaining a high grade, depending on the type of scholarship that was attributed. With a scholarship, a student can be provided by an in-kind award such as fees for housing in a dormitory or waiving of tuition fees, or a monetary award of which the amount will depend on the chosen university. 

A scholarship can be granted by institutions, organizations or in some cases, the government of the country you are studying in. Institutional scholarship will be offered by the university chosen by the student most of the time because he/she will qualify academically or demonstrate financial need. Depending on the size of the pool from which they can draw money, institutions will be able to grant a more or mess large sum of money. Organizations such as industry associations, charities, international organizations and large businesses might offer the possibility of getting a scholarship especially for international students based on their skills, needs, merit or academic knowledge. A scholarship can also be issued by the government in the case of students having in interest in politics and government-related jobs.

Best Business schools for full-tuition scholarship

Business schools are par of the most expensive post-graduate studies than someone can choose from. Because of that, a lot of students are trying to get a full-tuition scholarship in order for them to have the possibility to be in the studies that they want. There are several business schools offering a full tuition scholarship. 

Olin Business School, Washington University in St Louis

Olin Business School is a college providing various scholarships for a full-time Master of Business Administration. Any students enrolling In this university will have a chance of getting a full-tuition if he or she is meeting the criteria for it. 

Carlson School of Management, University in Minnesota 

This college is offering a full-tuition for MBA students with the hope of making them potential leaders through various opportunities included in their program. After this program, 93% of graduates received job offers 90 days after graduation in general. 

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

This university provides a curriculum designed for the career changers with a world-class business education. It offers top-ranked business education with various internships opportunities and a full-tuition scholarship. 

Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina

This business school is offering full-tuition scholarships to help students fund their degree. This college is also working with other organizations that provide scholarships in certain cases. They are also providing external scholarships for international students. 


Finding a full-tuition scholarship will take time and engagement. Obtaining a scholarship is not easy task and it’s something that have to be thought about beforehand, especially regarding academic award. If you are interested, you will start taking actions already in the first year of high school.